Building Brand Engagement with Facebook

by Jim Berkowitz on October 29, 2010

Here is a synopsis of an article by Howard Scott, Digital Marketing Director with Sequence, Building Brand Engagement with Facebook.  Be sure to check out the complete source article on (registration required) for much more:

Many brands still look at Facebook as simply being ‘a social community’, and they don’t take it seriously as a business tool, Scott argues. In fact, only 40% of brands in the Deloitte Top 50 have a Facebook presence, with only 24% managing to build an active community.

“Dismissing or under-utilizing Facebook is a mistake because it has evolved into an intelligent consumer model that offers so much potential for savvy brands,” warns Scott.

Howard offers several tips about the benefits that Facebook can provide for brands…

1. Build a Fan page – Facebook allows your brand to interact with fans through fan pages. These pages can be used by your business as a blog, a research tool or as a communication device to post messages, respond to issues and solve customer problems.

2. Who likes your brand? – Facebook has introduced a Like button that lets users share pages from a site to their Facebook profile with one click. You should implement ‘Like’ buttons on key pages of your own web site.

3. Facebook Recommends – Your brand should consider implementing the ‘Recommendations’ Facebook plug-in, as this offers users personalized suggestions for products or pages on your site they might like. This button also enables your customers to publicly endorse your product or service on Facebook and share this with all their friends.

4. Has your brand logged into Facebook? – Facebook Login shows profile pictures of users’ friends who have signed up for your site. This tool is likely to become increasingly popular (especially with e-commerce web sites) as more people login to Facebook through web sites, and could be a powerful aid for your brand in spreading awareness and driving sales.

5. Make sure your brand is in Credit – Facebook Credits are a virtual currency that users can employ to buy virtual goods on the Facebook platform. This provides the opportunity for your brand to sell products using Facebook Credits, turning your Facebook page into a revenue generator.

“It is evident that Facebook provides brands with a number of new and innovative ways to engage customers, drive awareness and gain new revenue streams,” concluded Scott. “Because of this, a brand should no longer dismiss Facebook as merely being a social community but instead try to embrace the tangible benefits it can provide.”

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sasha November 2, 2010 at 5:12 pm

I agree. People love ‘liking’ things on facebook and that just begins a chain where one person sees their friend is a fan of one thing, then they like it, then someone else sees it, checks out the site, and becomes a customer!

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