CRM Mastery Launches a New Live Streaming Video Series

by Jim Berkowitz on September 23, 2010

CRM Mastery is launching a new series of live broadcast events to help educate organizations about CRM and SCRM products they may want to evaluate for purchase.

The series called “Should You Consider…” will be hosted by Jim Berkowitz, The Technology Coach.  Each show will be a lively, entertaining broadcast that will feature an interview with a key executive from a leading CRM or SCRM software company.

The first show in the series will be: Should You Consider… Attensity360 Social Media Monitoring. It will broadcast live on Wednesday September 29, 2010 at 10:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM EST on CRM Mastery’s website. Tune in for this live interview of Attensity’s Director of Social Media, Maria Ogneva.

Join us live as we explore…

Who is the “ideal” customer for Attensity360?  What sets Attensity360 apart from the many free and low cost social media monitoring tools as well as the growing number of enterprise-class social media monitoring solutions in the marketplace?  What specific business problems is Attensity360 most often used to help address?  How does Attensity360 integrate with the rest of Attensity’s product line?  How is Attensity360 priced? and much more!

Participate and learn… by chatting with other social media monitoring technology buyers and Social CRM experts. This will be the time and place to ask the tough questions and get the straight answers!

Also,  join the Should You Consider Online Community For Technology Buyers and we’ll email you CRM Mastery’s Social Media Monitoring Buyers Guide FREE as our way of thanking you for joining.

This comprehensive, independently prepared guide includes everything you need to know to make the “right” technology investment decision: Why should you listen?  What should you listen for, What types of technology solutions are available to help you? How should you use social media monitoring in your company? How and when should you engage? A few words about ROI; Next Steps and a detailed Needs Analysis supplement.

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