Making Customer Feedback Worthwhile: Moving Beyond Statistics to Actionable Data Collection

by Jim Berkowitz on August 24, 2010

Here are several excerpts from an excellent article by Eran Savir, a VP with Kampyle, Making Customer Feedback Worthwhile: Moving Beyond Statistics to Actionable Data Collection.  For much more on this topic, check out the complete source article:

The owner of a small corner store can easily communicate with customers in an actionable fashion.

Things are not so simple for online businesses.  Virtual shops have long gathered analytics data in efforts to understand what customers want.  In analyzing this data, many website owners have questioned its usefulness only because of the vast amount of data presented to them.

After all, understanding WHAT users do on your site is only half the journey; learn how to turn the WHAT into actionable information is the important step. While the numbers might reveal trends, they don’t deliver the authentic, immediate and actionable feedback so easily gathered via in-person communication.

In the online world, if you don’t ask customers for their feedback in a manner that makes it simple and worthwhile for them to respond, you won’t understand their actions and you won’t be able to take the kind of bold action that can lead to increased loyalty and sales…

Integrating the Customer’s Voice Into Your Search Data

If the customer’s voice is missing from your decision-making process when looking at search engine marketing and Web analytics, it might be time for a change.

Ask customers for direct feedback via your website.  Their comments will not only immediately enable you to identify and repair problems, your responsiveness will lead to increased conversions.

Something as simple as a feedback channel on your website can revolutionize the dynamic between your company and your customers.  These personal comments can be integrated with your existing customer relationship management and web analytics applications to increase the value of all the information you collect.

Regardless of location, customers want to know you care about them.  It’s hard to communicate that if they know you don’t hear what they’re saying.  Customer feedback analytics not only enable you to get actionable input from users, it also provides a simple, clear way to illustrate that your company cares about customers’ needs and wants their input.

Expand Your Search Capabilities With Actionable Feedback

Customer feedback enables you to win back users who would otherwise just slip away, or worse. After all, customers have plenty of options these days for voicing their annoyance with businesses to the public at large.

Social media has given consumers a voice, and customers – particularly frustrated ones – are using it.  Give your prospects a means to deliver their messages directly to you, rather than waiting for them to take their problems to a public forum like Facebook or Twitter.

Furthermore, a two-way customer communications channel on your website eases the strain on your call center and allows online customers to remain where they’re most comfortable – online.

Integrating your voice of customer data with your search marketing offer a quick, reliable source of information that is actionable by multiple stakeholders in your company, including those in manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping and IT.  By integrating authentic customer feedback with other business applications such as CRM and Web analytics, e-businesses can move beyond statistics to actionable data that answers critical business questions and moves companies closer to their customers.

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