CRM Vendor Proposals: 10 Items You Need Most

by Jim Berkowitz on July 13, 2010

Here’s a summary of advice from CRM guru David Tabor, CEO of SalesLogistix, CRM Vendor Proposals: 10 Items You Need Most:

If a significant CRM system project is on your agenda in this new fiscal year, here are checklist items that you need to look out for in vendor proposals.

10 Things You Want:

1. A project plan focused on user adoption.
2. Incremental delivery.
3. Adaptive pricing.
4. Domain knowledge.
5. References in your industry.
6. Integration with marketing automation.
7. Integration with your email and phone systems.
8. Data quality, data conversion, appropriate history.
9. Mobile (read: iPad/Android/CrackBerry).
10. Social Media Integration.

3 Things to Avoid in a CRM Proposal:

1. Large requirements discovery phases at the beginning, with accompanying requirements tomes.
2. Boil-the-ocean data history.
3. Feature-itis.

Check out the complete source article for a brief discussion on each of these items.

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Drew at Intelestream January 15, 2011 at 5:34 pm

A well-rounded list all companies should consider when implementing their CRM. I would suggest as well budgeting in the time and money for training: pre-, during and post training. Solid training will ensure everyone’s on the same page; encourage participating and full adoption; foster collaboration and camaraderie; and ensure that everyone is well equipped, well informed, and well prepared to use the CRM solution, even as the company endures staff turn-over, lay offs, and other unforeseen situations.

One thing to avoid is trying to accomplish too much too soon. Take your time: identify what your company needs the most; secure enough budget; and allot enough time for a smooth and well-planned deployment.

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