6 Reasons to Ditch that Social Media Strategic Plan

by Jim Berkowitz on July 12, 2010

Here is a summary of an article that recently appeared in MarketingVOX, 6 Reasons to Ditch that Social Media Strategic Plan:

Step one in establishing a social media strategy, any number of pundits and advisers will tell you, is to establish a strategic plan. This is, without a doubt, sound advice given the number of unknowns that can go drastically wrong for a firm.

Still, though, there is a contrarian case to be made for avoiding that step – or at least minimizing it as much as possible. MarketingVox spoke with six experts in the space to get their take on why a strategic plan for social media might – from some vantage points – be a waste of time.

1. We still don’t know enough about social media and how people react.
2. There’s no industry roadmap anyway.
3. A plan might make communications sound forced.
4. It may not even be necessary.
5. Not having one is good discipline for companies to empower employees.
6. It’s not always smart to assume you’ll know where technology will take you.

Check out the complete source article to see what the experts think about each of these!

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