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by Jim Berkowitz on May 13, 2010

Here are several excerpts from a very insightful post by Rob Garner, Senior Strategy Director with iCrossing, Marketing in The Moment.  I encourage you to read the entire source post as well as his follow-up post, More On Marketing In The Moment.  Both of these posts are filled with very thoughtful strategies and considerations for marketing to be “more in the moment, fluid and agile:”

I want to discuss how search and social are becoming imperative elements of a holistic marketing strategy, and how organizations must embrace the concept of marketing as an “in the moment” medium.

When I speak of marketers needing to be “in the moment,” I am not referring specifically to real-time search, social, or the real-time Web.  This refers to becoming fully connected to your audience — directly and indirectly — and even more so, also being present and engaging with your audience in a meaningful way.

While brands are becoming increasingly connected, the aspect of being present and acting “in the moment” most often falls by the wayside. As it stands, most major brands spend two to five years in redesigning their static website; they view social media in a campaign-based, start-and-stop manner, and they are getting swung around by their tails by various networks…

Your marketing strategy is only as good as it is right now, on any given day.  And “today” is measured by all of the past “right now” moments. What you are doing today is also simultaneously setting up for success in the future.  In considering this scenario of acting “in-the-moment,” allow me to paint a picture of the current online landscape:

The changing landscape is not so much about “social networks,” as it is about society being networked.

With the world buzzing 24/7, the surfacing reality is that a brand that is not interacting fluidly, or lacks in-the-moment presence, might as well not exist.  The compilation of many missed moments in this new landscape will be the death of some brands, and this embracing of “right now” will be the ascension of many others.

The entire Web is evolving into a real-time, networked and synaptic environment.

Things are moving so fast online (and will get even faster) that the network is looking more like a living organism every day; one that fires off impulses that cascade throughout its entire being.  Not being a part of it, or present “in the moment” is equivalent to non-relevance and non-existence.  Furthermore, acting with the agility, fluidity and sincerity to ride with these synaptic connections will be the lifeblood of marketing efforts.

“People” aren’t just “searching;” real people are searching for something right now.

In search there is also an entirely new opportunity to connect, if not passively, in a profoundly meaningful way with the person you wish to connect with.  Future marketing strategies will need to go much deeper in connecting via content in a sincere and useful way, one that will facilitate a connection that fits both you and your target audience.  Get past thinking about ranking reports, last click attribution, simple content creation, and even direct response – these are real people who deserve a lot more in what is presented to them in search and content publishing.

It’s time to stop worrying about whether or not search or social will cannibalize each other, because the mindset of the user is entirely different when engaging in each one.  Accept that they are different and begin to strategize holistically.

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