Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing Could Change Everything

by Jim Berkowitz on April 15, 2010

Here are several excerpts from a thoughtful article, by Gary Boon, a Partner with Shout, How Best to Utilize the Mobile Medium:

The importance of mobile marketing will not come down to new technology, but new ways of thinking, says Shout’s Gary Boon.

For some it’s little more than an over hyped hot topic of discussion and for others a new land of opportunity or indeed a modern day gold rush. Wherever you stand on the issue, mobile is changing and it’s changing fast. Ever since Apple released the iPhone just over three years ago in January 2007, mobile has seemingly grown of exponential importance.

Everyone should be trying to understand how best to utilize the mobile medium, how should organizations communicate their brand, how should agencies sell the benefits and importantly how should the end consumer wish to be communicated with?

I think those who’ll succeed will ‘get it’ when it comes to mobile and understand that a seismic shift in thinking needs to occur to deliver the best results…

We are all in a steep learning curve on what does and does not work when dealing with mobile. Will advertising work in the same way as the web, how do we personalize interaction, and how do we leverage contextual features such as location based services? These are just a few of the questions that will need to be answered.

Individuals and organizations are trying to answer these questions now and some admirable applications are available today. But I would argue we are in a period similar to the golden age of shareware in which there was definitely a sense of quantity over quality. Just how many of the 150,000+ iPhone applications are of a high enough quality? Even large and successful organizations with hundreds of designers and developers at their disposal have rushed applications to market which were poorly thought out in order to be the first. Significantly they have seemingly not applied the very concepts they adhere to when delivering for the web. Areas such as user research, user centered design and importantly understanding the value of what they are creating.

Also consider this – is the mobile medium one for consumption or production? Certainly devices like smartphones lend themselves to the consumption of information, but have you ever tried typing a document on an iPhone or Blackberry? What will the second coming of the tablet have to offer? Will the iPad and a slew of alternatives create a new type of interaction that both consumes and produces information?

There seems to be many more questions than answers at present which is firstly exciting for all of us involved in the industry and secondly is all part of the fun. I’m an advocate of not dealing with old technologies where possible but ensuring anything new can deliver value. And that’s what I see lots of for our clients and their customers over the coming years.

So, does mobile offer just hype and false promises or is there real opportunity? I come firmly down on the side of opportunity. Mobile has the potential to change everything – from the way we consume information, interact with people and brands and even how we pay for our Cappuccino at the local coffee shop! The sky’s the limit for those who choose not to remain blinkered and are free to explore the possibilities.

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