The Right Approach to Buying Enterprise Software

by Jim Berkowitz on November 9, 2009

Here are several excerpts from an article by Rahul Sah, about how to get started on the right foot before buying enterprise application software, Enterprise Apps Buying Guide – Be sure to check out the complete source article for much more on this topic:

For an enterprise to be competitive in its business, it has become imperative to have business application software that can monitor the organization’s workflow, connect people with each other between disparate departments and can present relevant information quickly during critical business decision making. Thus applications like ERP, CRM, BI, etc. have become the heart of functioning for today’s enterprises.

Since business applications like CRM or ERP touch almost every aspects of a business, it’s advisable to investigate all options to arrive at the best match that’s worthy to the investment you are doing for your enterprise.

Also, now there are other deployment modes available besides deploying applications within the enterprise’s premises, which include SaaS and Cloud based delivery modes.

Today’s business environment is dynamic and forever changing, therefore enterprise apps such as ERP and CRM must be flexible to adapt to the changing business climate and capitalize on new opportunities. It is one that will have long-lasting effects on enterprises’ overall performance. Thus, while choosing any enterprise class application for your business, consider the following aspects while evaluating a business application for your enterprise

Aspects to consider when choosing business applications for your enterprise:

  • Relevance to your business or vertical market
  • Industry or peer references
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Flexibility to customize or integrate
  • Vendors stability to provide long term support and maintenance
  • Industry recognitions
  • Technology platform
  • Technical resources availability
  • Alternate deployment models (On Premise or SaaS/Cloud)

Vendor selection

Choosing the right vendor or implementation partner is as important as selecting the appropriate solution for your enterprise. Before finalizing a vendor for the implementation, consider following aspects:

References: You can learn about vendor or even the implementation partner’s credibility to successful implementations through their past customers, through press releases and also from the peers in your business network. This way, by interacting with other customers you can come to know about the challenges faced during the implementation and also the reasons for failure. The peers from your business network group can recommend you what software or vendor to choose from their own experiences.

Implementation support: The success of the implementation lies in the kind of support and services that the vendor provides for the software solution. The implementation phase requires implementation partner to have domain expertise of the industry vertical where the solution is to be deployed.

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