Are You Due For a New Website Design?

by Jim Berkowitz on August 6, 2009

Here’s a worthwhile post from Amanda Stillwagon, Assistant Editor with Small Business CEO, Are You Due For a New Website Design?:

I think one of the major mistakes a business online can make is to neglect their websites and blogs.  It’s not only important to keep your products and services up to date on your sites, but also the overall look is important too.  Things change at the blink of an eye in the technology world.  The last thing you want customers thinking is that your stagnant and out of touch with current standards.  You want to seem fresh and knowledable of your clients needs and wants.

So how do you know when it’s time for a complete website overhaul?  Men With Pens answers that question in their newest article, “Is It Time For You To Redesign Your Site?“.  In the article they give four major reasons why you may need to consider a site redesign…

1. What’s Your Brand Looking Like? – Your business should have a brand when you begin, a look and ‘feel’ that impacts potential customers in a good way. It develops a voice and conveys a message. You might start with a great brand image in mind, but sometimes time starts to push at a change.

2. Is Your Layout Outdated? – It’s easy to spot an outdated website or blog. Maybe it’s a narrow site built for old computer monitors and not the current wide screens used today. Colors and images affect that dated look, too.

3. Where’s Your Technology? – What’s your site like to use? Do you still rely on a webmaster to change a word or add a new page? Is your site a money pit, sucking cash away each time you need a tiny tweak? Is it static and heavy or hard to change and update?  Welcome to the 21st century. WordPress isn’t just for blogs anymore.

4. Are You Changing Direction? – Sometimes you need a redesign when you realize that the entire focus of the site has changed. Many people start a blog or an online business on a whim, or as an experiment to see if they could really make it with their idea.

Give it a read and see if your website falls short on any of these site design points of interest.  You may be surprised to find that your site could use a little tune up.

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hp coupons September 1, 2009 at 11:36 pm

Know what, if a site is outdated, it drives visitors away. Who would want to stay on a site that doesn’t even appeal to the senses? And who would trust a site which is outdated? People would think it’s not safe to buy there because the person behind it is not paying attention to the business (it reflects!)

And the hard thing if your site is outdated and you are an online marketer is that you lose traffic and lossing traffic means lossing revenue..

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