Brands Find Mobile Adds Potential to CRM Mix

by Jim Berkowitz on July 13, 2009

Here are several excerpts from an article by Dianna Dilworth, Brands Find Mobile Adds Potential to CRM Mix:

More brands are looking to add the mobile channel to build relationships and be a part of the CRM mix. Sears, FedEx, The Weather Channel and 1-800-Flowers are all using this medium to engage consumers on a deeper level. Sears, for instance, has added customer service on mobile, showing if items are in stock.

“Most of what we are seeing from mobile CRM has been SMS-based, but we are now starting to see click-to-call, store locators, ‘view our catalog’ and ‘buy our product’ buttons,” said Michael Dulong, SVP of business development/founder of Billing Revolution, a mobile billing platform. “There is a lot of potential here.”

Some brands are integrating mobile with other channels in a move to build customer databases or to keep a consumer more engaged with the brand.

“We’re seeing brands increasingly realize that every single [mobile] ad is a CRM opportunity, and that is by virtue of the fact that a mobile phone is in a consumer’s hand almost all the time,” said Adam Lichstein, COO at ShopText, which works with clients running these integrated campaigns to build a customer database.

While mobile has benefits for CRM programs, it also has its challenges. They include, rendering issues on different screen sizes and resolutions, as well as varied carriers, networks and devices.

“The budget challenges also remain. Merging media are often a low priority in terms of media spending,” he added.

“As mobile evolves, we’ll see it become even more important for a CRM channel, but for now it is still in its infancy,” said?Matt Harris, CEO of iLoop Mobile. “Now, we can track if someone uses a coupon from a mobile phone, but we can’t track what they have bought. It will evolve so that we can track this information and put it into the funnel.”

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Mike Fitterer July 29, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Hi Jim,

I enjoyed your post. It will be truly interesting to see how this space develops with the application boom that’s underway and GPS additions to the most recent smart phones.

Anyway, I was thinking an excellent idea for a future post would be an interview with a C-level executive, or multiple executives focused on what it takes for marketers to sell to the C-Suite. Too many marketers have the talent and creative base, but they don’t understand what it takes to portray ideas to the decision makers at the top.

Several options within my firm come to mind. James Melillo, Executive Conversation President and 25-year veteran CFO, or Conrad Smith who has vast experience as the VP of Operations for a major corporation, would be excellent choices. I’m sure drawing from their experiences and philosophies could provide some valuable incite for your blog followers.

I’d be happy to set up an interview date and time. Please feel free to contact me at



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