7 Amazing Mobile Apps

by Jim Berkowitz on February 17, 2009

Here’s an article by Glenn Letham that summarizes the 7 amazing mobile applications that won the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards, Excellence In Mobile Application Development – 7 Amazing Mobile Apps:

With the increasing sophistication of phones, content and consumers, the bar for winning this year’s awards is raised even higher for the 7 winning applications in the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards.

1. Being ProductiveUpvise, by Unyverse Pte Ltd, Singapore – Upvise Business from Unyverse Pte Limited lets you access company data so that you can complete a business deal, provide advice to a client or check the status of an on-going project instantly. Ideal for small businesses, the application contains features that keep track of your business correspondence, down to what was said and to whom so that CRM is quick and easy.

2. In-Car ApplicationsGPSed, by Shape Services GmbH – GPSed from SHAPE Services in Germany combines GPS with social networking. From the convenience of your phone, you can send a contact your exact location at the moment. Regardless of what software the recipient has, GPSed provides them with a universal link to see where the sender is on a map.

3. It’s all about the EntertainmentBubble Boom Challenge, by ZED – Bubble Boom Challenge from Zed Group is an intuitive and highly addictive game which tests your skills in linking bubble chains to explode them. But act fast or the bubbles will push the rat off the platform and end your game.

4. Lifestyle ChoiceMobiles’ Republic Media Explorer, by Mobiles’ Republic – Mobiles’ Republic Media Explorer allows users to glide through customizable news content while on-the-go, and enables the creation of personal media ecosystems. The interface for the application is a carousel of widgets that can be quickly rotated through for the latest weather updates, stock information, media headlines and RSS feeds, eliminating the need to slowly surf the Web for news.

5. Themes & GraphicsFlash Lite Wallpapers, by ustwo – By combining flash-based graphic animation and intelligent programming, Flash Lite Wallpapers from ustwoT change throughout the day by reacting to the phone’s environment. The scenes change according to the time, your phone’s battery level, whether your phone is charging or in music mode. Watch snowy forest scene dynamically display your phone’s information in a fun, sleek way.

6. Special RecognitionEcoMate, by Instituto Atlantico & UFC – EcoMate offers various actions you can take to help become a better environmental citizen, and once an item is checked off, your personal score is updated with reward points, much like a gamer score in popular video games. There are quizzes to help you learn more about the planet and 3D virtual friends, such as a polar bear, a pine tree and an orchid, that act as your personal guide.

7. Xperia PanelsSpb Traveller, by Spb Software – Spb Traveler from Spb Software helps you keep track of your travel arrangements and stay on top of meetings, even when abroad. It can track time for your destinations, or your favorite spots, while reminding you when your next flight is and your next rendezvous. Unique to the Spb Traveler is a 3D globe that animates your trip so you can see where you’re going and when with sleek animation. You can also use it to test your geographical knowledge in the Geo Game.

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